Wordpress is Multi-Versatile! Sites range from small businesses and personal pages to the largest institutions and companies in the world.

Wordpress Plugins bring stunning photo galleries, slideshows, shopping carts, blogs, calendars, maps and an almost unlimited variety of functionality to your site.

Over 60 million people call Wordpress home... join the family

Easy to login and make updates! If you can send an email and use a simple Word processor like Word,
you can use Wordpress to make basic changes to your site. WordPress is continually improving its user
interface, making it even easier and more powerful to use.

Perfect for social networking! With categories, tags, threaded comments, custom themes, widgets, and
anti spam filters, you’d be hard pressed to find a better blogging solution.

Search engines love Wordpress! The use of simple layouts, SEO plugins, permalinks, and easy linking
makes Wordpress highly attractive and easily indexed by major search engines, resulting in higher search
rankings for you.

Viewable on Multiple Platforms! Wordpress is composed of HTML and CSS, allowing pages to show up on
devices like iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc. It’s also text only browser friendly for those with disabilities.

Our basic web site plan starts at $249 for a nicely designed landing page.
This includes branding, logo design, up to five email accounts
and Search Engine Optimization.

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