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  • • Easy 5 Step Sign Up
  • • Forums and Guestbook
  • • Link to External Pages
  • • Registration for Guests
  • • Image and Video Gallery
  • • File Download Area
  • • E-Commerce Capable
  • • Blogging Capability

There are 4 times as many mobile devices than computers in the world! Don’t get left behind. Build your mobile site today!

Regular websites on mobile devices are 6 times slower to load, difficult to view and not ideal for visitors on the go.

Key Features of Mobile Sites:

  • • Easy setup makes your site available in seconds.
  • • Quickly turn visitors into customers. One click phone    calls, location finder, and appointment bookings.
  • • Start from scratch! No regular website needed. Works on     all computers and is available in several languages.
  • • Works on all mobile phones and budget phones.
  • • Up to 6 times faster than viewing a full website.
  • • Drive traffic to your site with Search Engine Optimization,    traffic stats, and thrid party advertising.

We have chosen Wordpress as our platform for building custom websites for several reasons. Wordpres dashboard is very easy to log into and make changes, there are many plugins available to fit your needs, and the themes are highly customizable.

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